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“Graham Caulfield exceeded my expectations! I used Graham to revamp my resume. He did an outstanding job and I receive compliments about his work daily. Graham is professional and offers very helpful career advice. He is the expert in his field and I highly recommend him to anyone who is changing careers or needs to update their resume.”  Christy MacLennan


“Graham is an expert in his field! His coaching, counseling, and suggestions were key in my successful pursuit of a position in education surpassing my expectations! I recommend him highly and without reservation.” Barbara P Shelor


“Graham wrote a FABULOUS resume for me! I had always heard he was the person to “go to” for the best resume, and that is absolutley correct. I got great feedback from everybody I showed it to, including people in the staffing business, one of whom who said it was the best resume she had ever seen! However, the proof is always in the results- I got a great job shortly after having Graham re-do my resume. I would recommend his services to anybody who wants to revamp their resume to get a better job, or who is having a hard time getting interviews with potential employers.” Louise White


“Graham’s work is the gold standard by which others shall be judged. He uses his significant life experiences to provide outstanding value to his customers. His work for me is better than I could imagine. His integrity guided the entire encounter, achieving polished results that will bear up under any scrutiny. He is punctual and kept me up to date on progress. I’ve seen offers for similar services at much higher prices but their value is not half what Graham delivers. I’ve sent examples of the work he did for me to friends and contacts that need his services–with my enthusiastic recommendation. I am thrilled to discover Graham and his service–I will use his services again.” J. David Jones


“Graham is a serious professional dedicated to not only writing the best resumes available, but also to caring genuinely for people and to helping them succeed. He provides individual attention and consideration to the specific needs of his clients. His services and experiences are unparalleled and his integrity is impeccable. I have personally used Graham’s services and have recommended him to my friends and colleagues. For Graham, “Expert Resume Man” is more than a business name. It is a reflection of who he truly is.” John A. McGinn, Ed.D.


“I am very pleased with the service that Graham provided for me. He is indeed a master at his craft. I am certainly going to continue to use Graham and would most definately recommend his services to anyone. “Expert Resume’ Service” need I say more!!!” Dennis Rollins


“Graham surpassed my expectations throughout the process of writing my resume. He asked questions to solicit information I had left out of my descriptions. Graham spoke with me about different styles of resumes and selected the one that works perfectly for me. Graham’s technical knowledge coupled with his creativity produced a document I am proud to show to the world. I have already given his card to more than five people and highly recommend Graham to anyone in need of a resume that will quickly find its way to the top of an employer’s list.” Kenny Brixey


“Graham is very perceptive of the unique aspects of his client’s profile. His inventive ideas and the implementation of those ideas continue to build his business by word of mouth from his very pleased clients. Graham’s easy going personality hides the depth of his knowledge in corporate current events and local business development. Graham is one of a kind and you will be glad you became his client.” Marilyn Bice


“Graham is the go-to professional for resume polishing. He spends the time necessary to package your experience and talents in a format that will connect with the market. He is willing to research the field you are seeking and provides resources above and beyond your initial outreach to the job market.” Frances Pelley

“Graham is excellent at translating work experience into a detailed and up to date resume. He redid my resume in 2007 and I was successful in securing a new position within 3 months! Great Job. I’d work with him again and highly recommend his services.” Mara Yachik