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Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

If you are not getting called for interviews after sending your resume it’s possible your resume needs optimization.

You may have issues or problems in your job history that you don’t know how to handle in your resume. Perhaps you have employment gaps, or short periods in a number of jobs and worry about giving the impression of being a “job-hopper,” or your job history is very diverse and doesn’t point in any one direction.

A professional resume writer can apply layout and design to enable your document to present you to your best advantage with potential employers; including all formats needed for today’s job search … Word, Text Only, PDF, and Web-ready resumes.

Resume writers are also well-versed in the keywords you should use so your resume appears in searches in the employer’s keyword searchable database.

Many job-seekers just don’t have an objective grasp of what their most marketable skills are and how to highlight their best selling points. Or they have difficulty brainstorming their own accomplishments. A professional resume writer can help you identify these important points.

If you would like your current resume reviewed email it to me at  graham@expertresumeman.com

Consider this …

If you want a $20,000 salary, your weekly salary is $384.61, and an 18 week job hunt will cost you $6,992.98.
If you want a $50,000 salary, your weekly salary is $961.54, and an 18 week job hunt costs you $17,307.69.
If having your Résumé professionally written can decrease your job search by just a few weeks, your investment pays off bigtime.

I will prepare your résumé to present you to your best possible advantage, and set you apart with prospective employers. My goal is to get you an interview, by getting your résumé on a prospective employer’s desk, not in their wastebasket!

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