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Dressing for success in 100+ degree weather.

Having been born and raised in Australia, including years spent in Darwin as a toddler, and in Perth to play football, then North Queensland living on a cattle property, I guess I am acclimated to hot weather.

I even love walking for exercise in 100 degree heat.

However, I had to draw the line one afternoon this week when the temperature gauge showed it was 111 degrees outside my office. So I decided to stay in my air conditioned office and watch the birds drinking the water I provided for them under the trees.

Now, coping with the heat when you can dress in cool casual clothing is one thing, but having to present yourself for a job interview in the current weather, particularly here in Dallas with a record of 35 consecutive days of 100+ degrees, is another thing all together.

Besides having your professional résumé and polishing your interviewing skills, your appearance must also be polished and professional. Not an easy thing to maintain in this weather.

How are you managing your interviewing wardrobe this summer?

In my research I came across a good article about this at wikiHow (http://www.wikihow.com/Dress-for-a-Job-Interview-in-Summer)