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Resume reviewers sure have a lot they do not like.

Surveys show that resume reviewers have a long list of things they do not like to see on your resume. Such as …

  • content lacks results
  • doesn’t list phone number, only e-mail address
  • facts in one part not supported elsewhere
  • fails to list education
  • focuses on soft skills and neglects hard data
  • has a generic file name like “resume.doc”
  • in functional format or lacks dates
  • inappropriate e-mail address
  • inconsistent formatting or too many fonts
  • inexplicable acronyms and industry-specific jargon
  • jobs left off
  • language egotistical and self-congratulatory
  • lies, misleading statements, or misrepresentations
  • not accompanied by a cover letter
  • not enough description of scope of job provided
  • not tailored to the targeted vacancy
  • overly long list of similar awards and training items
  • same sentences used to detail different jobs
  • so full of quantitative data that it’s hard to read
  • spelling errors, typos and grammatical flaws
  • overuse of the personal pronoun I
  • too general
  • too long
  • too much space devoted to older jobs
  • too wordy
  • work experience periods listed inconsistently from job to job
  • written in third-person

Probably a good idea to avoid these things when writing your resume … better still hire a professional resume writer.

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